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To quote
a Popular Performer,
"I make 147 different animals out of balloons ..."
but I also make hats, weapons & sports equipment!
I make fishing poles, balls & bats and a basketball game you can play!
In the weapons category I make ray guns & tommy guns, plus bazooka's & archery sets that really shoot.....and swords!
I make Pirate Swords, Crusader Swords and Jedi Lightsabers!
I make boy dogs & girl dogs...
(whenever I have pink and blue balloons),
I made a little girl a parrot...
(she talked back at her dad for a whole week!)
I made a boy a skunk...
(they made him leave the party.)
I make a ladybug that climbs a flower,
a parrot that sits on your arm
and a little dog that "goes" on your shoes .
At dinners I make an alligator,
a squirrel, a monkey and a snake but they all taste like chicken!
And my sister said my rabbits not a rabbit,
just a dog with long ears & a short tail.
But I  think it looks like a rabbit!!!
Spice up any occasion with BALLOONS!!